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sometimes nature needs a little tutoring

In Germany alone, about two million couples want a baby, but their wish remains unfulfilled.  Not every unfulfilled desire for pregnancy has its cause in sterility, sometimes it just takes a bit longer.

Dont put yourself under pressure! Only about a third of women get pregnant within the first year. But four out of five of these women get pregnant at a later date - naturally and without treatments! Take your time, nature has its own laws..

Please also remember that if get worked up with unfulfilled desire for children, chronic stress may be the result. Stress affects the nerves, immune and endocrine system. Pregnancy is less likely under these conditions!

To assist fertilization

is nothing objectionable. The possibilities of medical treatment are now mature and offer individual solutions for every couple. Which kind of treatment to be choosen will be decided by a specialist together with you. Comprehensive information is available in specific fertility clinics or the Internet.