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Ovulation Test LH
Ovulation Test LH

Before you decide to use artificial insemination, you may already help nature a little bit on your own. Get to know and interpret your body and its signs.

Sometimes it simply fails at the right timing. With the help of an ovulation test (such as the LH test by medesign) you can determine your fertile days precisely. Take your time and look forward together on these special days with your partner. Lust and love are the best conditions for fertilization. After intercourse you rest together - an uninterrupted hour of intimacy. To support the sperm in keeping close to the cervix as long as possible you can use a special pad (eg Sperm Stop by medesign).

Another medical aids that is recommended by your doctor are medical silicone caps that are placed in front of the cervix. For example, your uterus may have a position that prevents the sperm from entering. A silicone cap or a cervical adapter helps to prevent the backflow of the semen and holds it in front of the cervix. Thus, the chance of fertilization increases considerably.

Title Size Article Number PZN Germany
Ovulationstest LH Test medcard 5 Tests MED1000177 7203545
Sperm Stop regular 1 pcs. MED1000781  
Sperm Cup (Insemination aid) 60 mm MED1001298 4612102
Insemination Cervix Adapter 22 mm MED1000669  
Insemination Cervix Adapter 25 mm MED1000923  
Insemination Cervix Adapter 28 mm MED1000668  
Insemination Cervix Adapter 31 mm MED1000667